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Everything You Need To PASS WELL in OAU As A Science Student Fresher



This post contains;

Study Tips

Textbooks That You Will Need

Course Outlines


Few Class Notes

Tests and Exam Questions from Last session

YouTube Videos for Some Difficult Topics

Dear new OAU first-year students,

Congratulations on your admission to Obafemi Awolowo University! We understand that transitioning to university life can be challenging, but with the right resources at your fingertips, you can thrive academically. That is why we invite you to download your first-semester study materials here.

This platform offers a wide range of resources tailored to your specific courses, including textbooks, lecture notes, and practice exercises, in a way that you can access these materials anytime, anywhere.

Study Tips

How To Learn Anything Faster

How To Study For Exams – Active Recall

How To Study For Exams – Spaced Repetition

If you have any questions or need further assistance, our dedicated support team is available to help.

These are some textbooks that you will need:

Fundamentals of Physics – Halliday (Free PDF Download)

Fundamentals of Physics (Halliday) Solution Manual [Free PDF Download]

Bunday Mathematics [Free PDF DOWNLOAD]

Lamlad’s First Year University Physics Vol-1 [FREE PDF Download]

Stroud Engineering Mathematics [FREE PDF Download]

Physics For University Beginners (by Mr Adewale) [Free PDF Download]

Lamlad’s First Year Physics Vol 2 [Free PDF Download]

Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry (Abass) Series A

Fundamentals Of University Organic and Inorganic Chemistry (Abass) Series B [Free PDF Download]

Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry (John McMurry) [Free PDF Download]

Download Course Outlines

Get the course Outlines for your courses here

Download the Slides below;

List of Departments with available materials;








Medicine and Surgery

Nursing Science


Download Class Notes

OAU PHY 102 Class Notes

OAU MTH 102 Class Notes

Download Tests and Exam Past Questions

MTH 101, CHM 101 & CHM 102 Questions

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