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OAU Post UTME Past Question [Free PDF Download]



Here’s the OAU Post UTME Past Question for the Faculty of Science and Technology/Engineering.

Download OAU Post UTME Past Question for Free

This is the most original, most recent OAU Past Question you will ever see online for free, you are in the right place!

In your quest to prepare effectively for the OAU (Obafemi Awolowo University) Post UTME, you may come across various sources offering past questions. However, if you’re seeking the most original, up-to-date, and exclusive materials that you won’t find anywhere else online for free, look no further. We have curated a selection of OAU past questions that are both recent and completely free.

“This is the most original, most recent OAU Past Question you will ever see online for free, and you won’t find it anywhere else.”

This statement reflects our commitment to providing you with a unique and unparalleled resource to help you succeed in your OAU Post UTME examination.

The Past Question contains these subjects;

  • Engish
  • Aptitude Test
  • Mathematics
  • General paper

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Geography
  • Agricultural Science


List of Courses in OAU

OAU Pre degreee Past Questions

All Materials For OAU Freshers

Download OAU Post UTME Past Question here for free NOWW !!

Page Count: 185pgs

Bonus For YOU❤️

I have an additional OAU Post UTME past question for you. I got it online and I actually paid for it, so that you could get it for free. Here is it.😌

OAU Post UTME Exam Mode

Visiting here to download OAU Post UTME Past Question, I know that you are preparing for OAU Post UTME or know someone that is preparing for it. So I want to summarise OAU Post UTME Exam Mode.

For the past three years, OAU has been using online format for Post UTME, therefore there is no doubt that this year’s OAU POST UTME will be online also.

The exam contains 40 questions from your three subjects in UTME (excluding English) with Aptitude test. There are 10 questions from each subject.

To be eligible for admission, you have to scored at least 20/40 in your post UTME.

Read how to calculate your aggregate score here, to know your chances of getting up to the cut off mark of your desired course.

Also check out, OAU cut off mark for all courses here.

All these makes you prepared for your exam and makes you know how much you should prepare for post UTME.


Again, I know you are still here because you want to pass excellently in this coming OAU Post UTME. Don’t worry, I’ve got some tips for you.

Although, with you downloading and making use of the two OAU Post UTME Past Questions above, I know you will pass well.

To pass more excellently, I recommend that you download OAU Predegree Past Questions which you can download for free here.

A friend told me OAU Predegree Past Questions could be repeated in OAU Post UTME, especially Chemistry. It’s not always like that though, but who knows what will favour you?

Check out my article on How to Learn Anything Faster

Things To Do To Pass Well in OAU Post UTME

  • Read your textbooks
  • Practice OAU Post Questions you download for free here
  • Practice predegree past questions well, (you can get it here for free as well)
  • Use active recall and spaced repetition.
  • Know how to use a computer/laptop, because your exam is going to be online.
  • Check out your cut off mark to prepare better
  • Pray

PS: For iPhone Users whenever you want to download, long press the download button, and click on “Download Linked File” The PDF will be downloaded on your phone and you can then check offline.

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