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FREE BOOK For All FRESHERS : Chronicles of a Freshman



Chronicles of a freshman book

About the book

As a fresher in a big university like OAU, this can stir up a whirlwind of emotions within you. But, calm down, I have exactly what you need.

I have exactly what you need to navigate through this journey, this book you are about to download is filled with invaluable experiences and advice specially made for freshers in OAU. This will make your life in the university easy.

Chronicles of a Freshman is written by an OAU student, Christianah I. Adeniyi, she really explained a lot, from fascinating fun facts about OAU, to how to manage your time, how to plan a time table for yourself, to how to have a consistent study habit and how to know your preferred study time, this book covers it all.

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That is not all- even to the vital little things like offering insights in overcoming home sickness, the food combinations you can try on campus, and even suggesting must-have foodstuffs to bring along!
And to the big important things, like how to calculate your GPA and CGPA, effective note taking in class and a lot much more!!

This book is a complete package and a complete guide addressing every aspect of the freshman experience especially at OAU. Packed with advice you might not find elsewhere.
Trust me, you won’t want to embark on this journey without it.

Chronicles of a Freshman by Christianah I. Adeniyi is a free gift to all freshers, regardless of your school. Click the link below to download for free.

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