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Viva in Biochemistry [Free PDF Download]



The discipline of Biochemistry has expanded by leaps and bounds. It is now an independent and separate subject of examination for Ist year MBBS students, in all medical colleges. The Medical Council of India has revised the curriculum in Biochemistry, which is rather increased but at the same time reduced the time period. Now the students have to complete the syllabi in one year and face the university examination.

Viva-voce examination constitutes a sizeable portion of total marks in Biochemistry in university examination. This covers the questions asked not only related to theory but also the table-viva related to practical problems as well.

As a teacher and examiner in Biochemistry, I observed that the students are usually not confident enough in answering the questions accurately and to the point in viva-voce examination. The students are nervous and shaky while in appearing the viva examination. The reason is obvious, they have to study so much in too short a time!

Keeping these problems of the students in mind, I have attempted to prepare the book entitled Viva in Biochemistry. The book has been made as companion to my Textbook of Medical Biochemistry. I have attempted to prepare simple, short and accurate answers to the questions generally asked in viva-voce examination in Bio- chemistry. I am sure that by making appropriate use of this book, the students will be able to face the viva and answer any question asked, accurately and more confidently, to the complete satisfaction of the examiners.

I hope the efforts put in by me in preparation of the book will not go waste and the book will be appreciated and get a warm welcome from the students.
In spite of careful and scrupulous preparation, it is likely that a few mistakes might have crept in inadvertently. I shall welcome Viva in Biochemistry fruitful suggestions and constructive criticisms from the teachers in Biochemistry and the students as well for betterment in future.
I am extremely grateful to

Shri Jitendar P Vij (Chairman and Managing Director) and Mr RK Yadav, Editorial Consultant and staff members of M/s Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd. for their sincere, and untiring efforts to bring out the book.

– Dr (Brig) MN Chatterjea

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