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Physics Formulas by Ajit Agrawal [Free PDF Download]



About This Book

This book is specially meant for those in college or preparing for college.

In physics there are numerous concepts and formulas which are very difficult to remember and recall. It is quite possible that students may not even have any idea about particular concepts and formula. Every formula that is needed for your exams is here in this book.

Advantages of this book

a) All formulas and concept at one place.

b) A student can casily identify what they do not know.

c)While practicing problem solving in a particular chapter, a student can easily know the concepts/formulas which they did not know/understand, because of
which the they could not solve the problem.

d)Wherever needed, the concepts are tabulated, so as to see all the concepts at one place.

e) Neat and coloured diagrams/sketches to further enhance the understanding.

I hope everyone find this book helpful and wish everyone success in their life.

Page Count: 79pgs

Size: 13.8mb

Download Physics Formulas by Ajit Agrawal for free!

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