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ALL 200L Materials You Need For 1st Semester




As you embark on your first semester, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of resources to support your academic journey. From textbooks to class notes and exam materials, everything you need is right here. Let’s dive in!

Some Textbooks That You Might Need

These are the collections of textbooks that you might need, but it is essential to know that you should on the materials that you have been provided by your lecturers. Use the textbooks to read the materials when you don’t understand, use the textbooks to practice questions. Do not focus on knowing everything in the textbook, focus on knowing everything in your class notes and slides. You can check below, some class notes are gotten from the textbooks below.🤫

CHM 203 Textbooks

Abbey Chemistry

Peter Atkins Physical Chemistry

PHY 205 Textbooks

Modern Physics (For Your Tutorial Questions)

Heisberg and Resnick Quantum Physics (Where Class Notes was gotten from 2022/2023 session)

Concepts of Modern Physics Arthur Bieser

Modern Physics By Serway

Course Outlines


As a student in any school, it is best to read the materials provided by your lecturers. That is why I have provided the class notes and slides that have been used in previous years, it might be the same with yours this year.

Class Notes

Most of our materials for 1st semester were given during class. Below are the class notes for 2022/2023 session. You should check with your current class notes if they are the same.

BIO 101 Class Notes

CHM 203 Class Notes

CHM 201 Compiled Slides

PHY 201 Class Notes

PHY 203 Class Notes

PHY 205 Class Notes

MTH 201 Class Notes

MAC 201 Materials

Google Classroom Codes

As we got most of our materials from class, some were also dropped on google classroom, that might not be in the classnotes

Class Codes for 2022/2023 Session

CHM 201 – tff6kws

CHM 203 – sxnpv4x

MTH 201 – fsqi5tk

BIO 101 – vypll32

Phy203 – hq3oast

If you have any questions or need further assistance, our dedicated support team is available to help.

Test and Exam Questions From Last Sessions

Below are the test and Exam Questions from 2022/2023 session I could gather


There are a number of quiz that I created, basically from class notes and materials given to us by our lecturers. People later told me it was helpful for them. So you should try them out, you might be lucky to find them in your test or exam.😉

PHY 203 Quiz (About 70 Questions)

PHY 205 Quiz

CSC 201 Quiz (About 40 Questions)

See Other Materials from 2021/2022 session

To download materials from 2021/2022 session, click here, you will see the materials they used, class notes, some test and exam question and course outlines.

For courses like BIO 101, I advise that you check and read slides from 2021/2022 session that are in google classroom. Click here to get all materials used for 2021/2022 session.

Important Note

While these resources are valuable, remember to prioritize the materials provided by your lecturers for your current classes. Use these supplementary resources for extra practice and clarification.

Wishing you a successful semester ahead!

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