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OAU MTH 101, CHM 101, CHM 102 & ICH 102 Tests and Exam Questions for 2021/2022 Session



Hey there, OAU first year science students! I know you are new here and you need to know what’s up.

MTH 101, CHM 101, CHM 102 & ICH 102 can be hell if you are not familiar with how questions are being set, especially during your first test in OAU. Remember your GP lies on these courses, especially MTH 101 which is 5 units.😂

So I gathered the test and exam questions for 2021/2022 for you to go through it and get familiar with how the questions are being set.

Please, do well in your tests, as it is the first step to a good GP.😉

Download the questions now and trust me, future you will thank you!😊

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