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Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry (John McMurry) [Free PDF Download]



About the book

This seventh edition of Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry addresses some of the changes that are occurring by placing a greater emphasis on the applications of organic chemistry, especially applications to medicine and agriculture.

Many new examples of biological organic reactions have been added in this edition; Interlude boxes at the end of each chapter are rich in the chemistry
of drugs and agrochemicals; and problem categories such as “In the Field” and “In the Medicine Cabinet” reinforce the emphasis on applications.

This book is written for a one-semester course in organic chemistry, where content must be comprehensive but to the point. Only those topics needed for a brief course are covered, yet the important pedagogical tools commonly found in larger books are also maintained. In this seventh edition, Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry continues its clear explanations, thought provoking examples and problems, and the trademark vertical format for explaining
reaction mechanisms.

The primary organization of this book is by functional group, beginning with the simple (alkanes) and progressing to the more complex. Within the primary organization, there is also an emphasis on explaining the fundamental mechanistic similarities of reactions. Through this approach, memorization is minimized and understanding is maximized.

The first six editions of this text were widely regarded as the clearest and most readable treatments of introductory organic chemistry available. I hope you will find that this seventh edition of Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry
builds on the strengths of the first six and serves students even better.

  1. Page Count : 679 pages
  2. Size : 33mb

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