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Bunday Mathematics [Free PDF DOWNLOAD]



Note: This book is Applied  Mathematics for Advanced Level

*About the book*

This companion volume to ‘Pure Mathematics for Advanced Level” has been designed to fulfil the general requirements of the revised G.CE. syllabuses provided by the various examining boards. In line with modern practice, the authors introduce vector algebra early in the text and incorporate it in the numerous worked examples and exercises including questions from past papers of the JMB, London, Welsh and Oxford examining boards. SI metric units are used exclusively throughout the text The traditional division of the subject into Statics and Dynamics has been abandoned in favour of a division into the motion of a particle and of a rigid body. This treatment enables a simple logical development, with Statics being considered a special case of Dynamics. Download Applied  Mathematics for Advanced Level by B.D. Bunday and H. Mulholland Dowload Bunday Mathematics for free Page count: 538 pgs Size: 11.71mb DOWNLOAD

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