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Radioactivity [With QUIZZES]
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1. Radioisotopes are very useful in estimating the amount of phosphorus and nitrogen available in the soil. This helps to determine the amount of phosphate and nitrogen fertilizers that should be applied to the soil

2. Radiation and Isotopes are used to study the characterises in the soil to monitor uptake and use of essential nutrients by plants from the soil

3. They provide an opportunity t0 clear the events that were once mysterious in the growth and nutrition of plants, and the evolution of new variables by creating genetic variability. 

4. By applying doses of gamma or neutron irradiation, it is possible to create mutation to create crop varieties that are more disease resistant, tolerant to harsh conditions, show increased yield and have shorter growing times.

5. They are also used in the nutritional studies of trace elements, mechanism of photosynthesis, plant protection including the action of insecticides, metabolisms in plant, uptake of fertilizers, ions mobility in soils, and food preservation.

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