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Radioactivity [With QUIZZES]
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1. Radioisotopes are used in the oil, gas and mining industry to help determine the extent of oil fields

2. They are used to map the contours of test wells and mine bores.

3. Radiotracers are used to investigate industrial processes and highlight the causes of Inefficiency,

4. They are used in construction to gauge the density of road surfaces and subsurfaces

5. They are used to avoid the build-up of static electricity in the production of paper, plastics and synthetic textiles.

6. They are used in pipeline companies to test the strength of welds,

7. They are used in the automobile industry to test steel quality in the manufacture of cars, and t0 obtain the proper thickness of tin and aluminium.

8. They are used in the aircraft industry to check for flaws in jet engines.

9. They are used to remove toxic pollutants such as exhaust gases from coal-fired power stations and industry

10. They are used by cable manufacturers to check ski lift cables for cracks.

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