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OAU PHY 205 Class Notes



This PDF is the class notes for OAU PHY 205 during the 2022/2023 session.

It encompasses topics ranging from Blackbody radiation, electrons and quanta, thermionic emissions, to photoelectric emissions, Compton effect, and uniform density.


I added from different people’s class notes, jotting from lecturers’ explanations, and added the slides/PDFs the lecturers dropped and orderly compiled them together, just for you.😉

Also, note that this file contains PHY 205 Past Question at the end for you to practice.

Note credit;

Rotimi, Raphael, and Com4forth (in OAU CHM department)

I will continually update this file as we proceed through the classes. Thank you.

Please, note that there may be some mistakes in the notes, because of some form of parallax error.😂 Please, kindly confirm and cross-check.

I hope the note helps.

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