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A ‘One’ English Dele Ashade [Free PDF Download]



About the book

This book teaches:

  • Simple ways of forming correct sentences in English with rules to guide you away from errors.
  • The grammar of English completely simplified
    Authoritative methods of writing letters.
  • Essay writing, made easy
  • Summary writing, using the simplest and best methodology.
  • Teaching of Oral English in a simplified and understandable way

  • Analysed and well answered past questions on Letter Writing. Essay,
  • Comprehension, Summary and Oral English–to show you examples of how to answer these aspects by yourself in the examination hall
  • Appendices Fullinstructions and secrets of success are also blown open
    to you for your unchallengeable success.

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Size: 23mb 

Page Count: 310pgs

Download A ‘One’ English by Dele Ashade for free!!

PS: To desktop users, for an easy download, right-click on the download button, then click on “save link as”, it will be downloaded.

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