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Consonant Sounds
Orals – Consonant Sounds
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Consonant Sounds are sound in English that are produced with total or partial blockage to the airflow, the tongue touches any other part of the mouth to block air partially or fully and the two different parts of the mouth can also make contact to block the airflow.

There are 20 consonant sounds in the English Language, these are:

1./d/ as in dog, bladder, dance, etc
2./b/ as in bag, banner, double, etc
3./g/as in good. bag, beg, etc
4./m/ as in hammer, man, same, etc
5. /n/ as in new, nanny, know, etc                                                                     6 /ŋ/ as in young, sing, bank, et.
7./l/ as in ball lamb, normal, etc
8./r/ as in wrong, radio, barrel, etc

9. /w/ as in win, where, between, etc
10./j/as in yam. yes, you, etc

11 /v/ as in of, Stephen. van etc

12. /dƷ/ as in joy. gist, gene, etc
13./Ʒ/as measure, vision, seizure ete
14/σ/ as in  breathe, they. smooth. etc
15, /z/ as in, zip, house etc

16. /p/ as in couple, soup, shepherd, etc

17. /k/ as in kettle, call chemical etc
18/f/ as in fan, cough, phrase, etc

19, /s/ as in serious, science, brace. etc
20./h/ as in who, house, hair, etc

21 /ʧ/ as in church butcher, ritual, etc
22./ʃ/ as in shirt cash, ash, etc.
25./θ/ as in thing, cloth faith etc

24, /t/ as in top bottle, ate. etc

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