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Two Years Remembrance Of 9jabaz CEO




About 9jabaz

AKINYELE DANIEL 9JABAZ was born to a christian family, he was raised and taught in the ways of the Lord. He obtained God’s mercy shortly before his demise. DANIEL was so many things- Hardworking, Creative, Brilliant, he had the biggest heart and nearly the widest smile. He was a Blogger, Music Promoter, a curator, a coder, he found a niche for himself in technology at such a young age and excelled at it. DANIEL started his blog in 2018, just after secondary school. The blog focused on providing a platform to boost music promotion, news and entertainment. By 2019, He started studying at the Federal University of Technology Akure as a Software Engineering Student. During his time here, he made a whole network of friends, creatives and inspired others with his brilliance. While in school, with so much hard work and consistency he managed school and his career so well his brand grew to be more than his blog, He started brand promotion through various social media networks as well as Applications like Audiomack. DANIEL stood for so many things, he worked twice as hard to be a successful, creative and an exceptional student. He contributed to the change in narrative that we all have so much potential to harness in ourselves, regardless of how young we are. 

In a World filled with several ways to make money through fraud and crime, Daniel didn’t believe that was success and he drafted a path for himself and remained true to himself. He was an amazing Grandson, son, brother, best friend, friend, mentor and mentee to so many. He lived life with so much Joy, Love and Fulfilment.

Some Tributes

I love you dear son.


All I want to say is Thank You Lord. Like he said, praise and thank God and I rendered the song, “God has done great thing, Oluwa seun nla……..” Because the enemy thought he will steal, kill and destroy, but glory to God that even though you stole, killed, you are not able to destroy his soul, for he lives on in the very glorious heaven above. Woe to the enemy, for you can only kill the body but glory to God who has saved his soul which has been revealed. For this, I give glory to God for saving your soul. Thank you Lord for the hope of eternity in your everlasting kingdom. Keep on enjoying the glory and splendor of His presence, for you have seen the Lord. I love you now and ever, yours is everlasting joy in His presence. I rejoice because I know we are going to see again in heaven above, where we are going to live FOREVER Thank you Lord


  I miss you a lot Big brother and you are on my mind everyday. You are a gift and a blessing to many. You taught me many things today that I know now and I wish it could continue as I don’t know much yet, I wish those memories we talked and laughed can be replayed, I wish I could take more pictures with you, I will be so happy now if you can hit my head again, I wish you could still hear me. Apart from mummy and daddy, you are the only one that I have known all my life and it is so bad that you left. I just know I will see you again and then, I am going to fall on your neck and cry. But for now, if you can hear and understand words of my heartbeat, it is saying “I am going to make you proud.”


I miss you. I love you.


The LOML and Bestfriend, It’s been two year since you left, two year since I watched helplessly as your body went cold and stiff, two year and I forcefully had to say an unfortunate goodbye. Never looked at life the same since then. They said “Time heals” but time won’t heal the pain I feel knowing I won’t be able to talk to you or see you again. I really miss you, I could go on and on but it still won’t describe the exact pain I feel. I’m glad to have loved and to have been loved by you and I was there till the very end. I only take solace in the fact that you’ve found eternal peace and you’re resting. I’ll always love you. Rest well my love


  It’s crazy how it’s the one thing that you never think about that sneaks up on you and levels you and gets you in the end. It’s still so crazy and unreal 💔 Hey Danny, it’s me again, the only difference is now some other people get to read this cause why not let them in on how amazing you…are I miss your old man laugh and how frequently I got to hear it cause I mean when were you never happy guy. I miss bugging you with questions I could just Google because you came through with answers + jokes so it sticks better. I miss your weird singing voice it’s that come out of nowhere. Thinking about it in hindsight I’m happy I got to see that side of you , the happiest and the goofiest. I miss how much of a bigger person you..are and how much values to put to friendships – being friends meant family. How much you could inspire anyone to do better, be better. Remember when you gave me my first paid job and you had to teach me then pay me. You changed my perspective on several things. I miss your ENERGY, if y’all get to see Daniel and I anywhere best believe we are not acting our age😂. If you read our chats, the ridiculousness of our pranks, jokes and role play ehn. You made laugh so hard ehn. You came into my life in the most dramatic way, you added to my knit of friends, made me laugh so hard I have a thousand memories I can still randomly laugh at, you also got me in trouble but it’s all worth it. KNOWING YOU WAS WORTH EVERYTHING AND MORE


It aches my heart to write this. I first met you when I delivered a box of cupcakes to you and you kept smiling like I made it for free. I asked for a review on the cupcakes and we got talking. You were always a happy person; I have never seen you sad or moody even to the few days I saw you before your death. You were a great help to my business and to me. I always called you Bully because you always reminded me that I am a short person. You even made videos of me with funny snapchat filters. I still relive the last moment we saw I talked, how I told you that I will soon be as tall as you and you just kept laughing. You were a good person that always radiated positive energy wherever you went to. I miss you dearly, we all do. Keep Resting Champ!!!


  You were a person everyone wanted to reckon with. You were so beautiful inside-out. Death snatched you from us, helplessly. Keep on resting my brother.


My heart is so broken, I can’t say anything else😔I will always cherish the memories we had together forever. Thank u for everything May your soul rest in perfect peace


  Akinyele Daniel Damilare was a Friend,a Brother and most of all he was an inspiration to me. He unintentionally taught me that it was okay to dream but not okay to dream without putting in effort. He was so hardworking that he kept everyone on our toes,it was very admirable. He was one of those friends that always pops in my mind when everything goes south,he had his own method of cheering people up,I’d rather not talk about those methods,lol. I have never seen anyone who is as coolheaded as Daniel was,like he never got angry unnecessarily,like NEVER,and he ALWAYS smiled even when things were bad. It pains me to write this tribute cause we all wish you were still with us. Thank you for making an impact in each of our lives respectively. Even though it was a short time,we will never forget the times we smiled and the times we cruised together. I wish we could live those days again but wishes ain’t horses. i miss you and we love you. REST ON 9JABAZ.


I never really got to spend time with you my bro but the few memories we shared together lives rent free in my head so sad things ended up this way love you and thanks for believing in me


  Two years? Still feels like yesterday brother! Miss the life we had together here, everyday I think about you and it hurts so much that I can’t touch you, argue with you and play with you. Keep watching over me Daniel. I love you bro.

~ Dammykyute

I hope you keep watching over me always my brother. I miss you so much. It’s a painful thing forever.

~Seyi beats

i hope i’m making you proud my gee🥺🥹…keep watching over me ❤️


Today makes it two years you left. I miss you with all of my heart. I wish we never had to part. I know you’re always by my side, Keep Resting in Peace my beloved Brother and Friend.


It’s two years?already?😕 … And just like that, you left and drilled a whole deep in our hearts. Why did you have to leave us all just like that, uhn? You always try to make everyone around you smile by cracking funny/dry jokes and doing stupid things🥲, so what happened?🥺because this isn’t even funny. There’s nothing I can bring myself to say… I miss you😣I fought so much with you but you kept caring🥺you just… kept caring Do you remember when I always force you to carry me and you too be feeling like superman?😂😪you were always too playful😂 Don’t ask how we are cause no one is fine. Rejoice cries every other day and end up crying herself to sleep, I’m sure Meerahmix misses you, Dammy thinks of you even when performing, Tolu is trying😪 she is, she really is🥺, Seyi is definitely trying to be strong but I’m sure he has his series of total sadness, Aanu acts fine but fails at that and me, Elizabeth is fine🙂. Everyone is trying to move on but it just impossible,  is that alright?😥😥 Nothing is like the way it was, nothing, absolutely nothing. Everything is falling apart, everything 😪without you, nothing seems right Oh yeah, tolu is now my roommate and we are friends now, weird right😅, what you wanted tp happened but😪… ❤ We miss you daniel❤❤❤❤




    You are forever in our hearts, everybody misses you. Till we meet again..                  

  Give your life to Jesus today and have everlasting life, let Him Save you from everlasting death. Amen.

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